Swim Infants (4 months – 4 years)

Swim Infants classes specialise in creating safer behaviour around water, provide an introduction to water familiarisation, creating muscle memory for skills as their motor skills and cognitive development improve. Infants learn through swimming, swim games and using equipment in a warm, safe and fun environment.

While a parent or carer is in the water your infant receives a one-on-one class enriching their learning experience. Your swim teacher facilitates lessons, while you teach and provide encouragement for your child. Each class will empower each parent with the skills to teach their child during their lessons and in their own time.

Please wear a t-shirt in the pool with your child, this gives your child something to catch and climb, and promotes independence in a safe way. Your child is required to wear a tight legged reusable fabric swim nappy over the top of a disposable swim nappy. This avoids any faecal contamination. Each class is started with the parent and child sitting down, the parent enters the water first and the infant enters when their parent is ready. This establishes positive safer behaviour around water.


AgeStageClass numbers
 4-12 monthsSwim Infant 1 8
 12-18 monthsSwim Infant 2 8
 1.5-2 yearsSwim Infant 3 8
 2-2.5 yearsSwim Infant 4 8
 2.5-4 yearsSwim Infant 5 8
 2.5+ yearsSwim Infant 6 (advanced)(invite only class) 6

Each level of our swim program has an approximate age guide. Progression is based on a mix of age/physical development, cognitive development and readiness to do more. A more individualised approach helps classes flow as infants develop at different rates and they are grouped with infants of similar ability – this helps them learn and grow without feeling overwhelmed.


Tikes aged from 2.5 years who are showing increased confidence in the water, submerging more frequently and wanting to try and swim independently will be moved to the Swim Infant 6 class. This class is by invitation only and is designed to keep the tikes engaged and challenged at their individual level as they strive to be independent swimmers.

Your focus will be on building independence and help improve their muscle memory through a variety of skills including long paddle and long-leg flutter kick. Working with your child you will get them talking about water safety and making sure mum or dad is ready before they have they enter the water, and what to do if they fall into water or get tired.

Swim Infant 6 will stream into the Swim Tikes program, with students joining an appropriate class when they are ready to transition and learn independently without the parent being in the water.


Tikes will transition from Swim Infants from around 4 years of age. Each child is individually assessed to transition to independent classes when they are ready. Transition is based on motor skill development, cognitive development, emotional development and when your child is ready to listen and follow instructions in a small group environment. Your teacher will keep you up to date with your child’s progress.

Tikes will stream into the Swim Tikes program when they are ready to learn independently without the parent being in the water.

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