Benefits of Fitness

The Growing Problem Lifestyles have changed over the years and there is an increase in stress, anxiety, and a sedentary lifestyle as technology access increases. Research has found 59% adults in Australia participated in physical activity approximately 3 times per week. Only 19% of children are active at least 3 times per week in after school activities.

Less than half of primary and 44.2% pre-school students met Australian physical activity Guideline for at least 60 mins of moderate to vigorous activity.

Our fitness brand

Ballina Kids Fitness does not specialise in sports or multi sports programs, alternatively focusing on physical literacy and functional movement. Our program aims to achieve well-rounded movement patterns that we can adapt to all aspects of life and compliment the other sports we participate in.

Briana Heinz

By learning good technique and learning how the body can adapt to movement over time we minimise the risk of injury and can participate longer. There has been a shift from traditional organised sports to other forms of physical activity. Children would like sports delivery that focuses on fun and enjoyment rather than competition; provide products or services that are inclusive, promote equal treatment, and focus on fun and participation regardless of skill level and ability. Physical literacy is the one factor that affects a child and adult’s willingness to try a sport and commit to ongoing participation.

Fitness Benefits

Research suggests engaging youth from a young age will:

  • nurture a love of fitness
  • improve well-being
  • improve mental health
  • physical literacy
  • self-confidence
  • improve balance, movement and coordination skills
  • promote social skills
  • independence
  • improve focus
  • Promote discipline
  • respect for self and others
  • Develop teamwork and socialisation skills
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