Benefits of Intensive Holiday Swim Programs

Ballina swim school intensive holiday program with friendly prawn
Ballina Swim School Intensive Holiday Program

I have been teaching intensive swim programs since 1998 in Perth. We traditionally conducted 10 day blocks during the October school holidays and then 2 x 10 day blocks during the Christmas holidays with the Vacswim programs, and 10 day blocks during the In-term swim programs conducted by the Education Department of Western Australia.

Over the last 10 years slowly we have adapted to 2 x 5 day programs during the school holidays. This caters for children to have a week off during the holidays, and over Christmas to allow for people being on holidays. Parents maybe able to fit one week in, but not two consecutive weeks.

There are many benefits of participating in an intensive block of lessons. Swimmers improve:

  • Confidence
  • Strength
  • Technique
  • Endurance
  • Good habits

What is the difference in a 5 day program compared to a 10 day program?

A block of 5 days allows swimmers to build confidence, start to create good habits, and kick start the next term. 5 day blocks are fantastic for stroke correction on 1-2 similar strokes, such as freestyle and backstroke/ or survival backstroke and breaststroke.

We recommend a 5 day block for young swimmers transitioning from infant aquatic classes to a non parent class. The first couple of days maybe challenging, but usually by day 5 the swimmers have settled down and are happy without their parents. If this is done just before they resume a term program, it helps the young swimmers adapt to a change in routine, and being in non parent classes.

Completing a 10 day block gives each swimmer a chance to build all the above, then on day 7 or 8 they start to consolidate their learning and you will notice a rapid change in their ability in the last few days. We have had many swimmers transform after completing 4 straight weeks over the summer (20 days).

Ballina Swim School upcoming intensive holiday programs

Ballina Swim School has intensive blocks starting in October 2019, December 2019, and January 2020.

Intensive holiday program dates 2019/2020

Ballina Swim School will use a mix of Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive programs for our intensive holiday swim programs. We are endorsed by Royal Life Saving NSW and Royal Life Saving WA

Our swimmers aged between 3-5 will complete the Royal Life Saving NSW Courage awards with 5 stages. This program works for the younger swimmers as their motor skill development, cognitive development improves through this age group.

Our swimmers from 6 years will go through the Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive program stages 1-9, then this flows into the higher awards for Royal Life Saving leading the swimmers into their pool Bronze Medallion.

The Royal Life Saving Program is a fantastic program I have worked with for 21 years back in Perth. The Swim and Survive program teaches swimmers to swim 6 strokes as they progress through the program- Freestyle, backstroke, survival backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke and butterfly. All strokes have their importance when swimming and recreating around water.

The Swim and Survive program also focuses on teaching swimmers how to be safe around water, different entries into the water and when to use them, how to do safe rescues, how to be rescued, the different types of water conditions, different types of swimmers and learn how to resuscitate as they progress to their Bronze Medallion.

Ballina Swim School is conducting lessons at Ballina Memorial Pool during the school holidays. Email for more information.

Lessons are $55 for 5 days plus $20 for pool entry.

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